2017 Growing Kitchen Trends – What’s Trending for a Kitchen Remodel

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2017 kitchen trends by Klamco | Home Remodeling by Klam Construction

BKBG – If you are preparing for a new kitchen, consider some of these hot trends:

Let’s Start With Color

Grey is the hottest color choice this year for kitchen cabinets, regardless if the material is a stained wood, lacquer or thermafoil. White cabinets also continue to resonate with our customer base, and we’ve found that a grey countertop creates a nice complement to the cabinets’ crisp look.

Quartz Is Top Choice

Speaking of countertops, Quartz countertops are becoming the material of choice. Granite is decreasing in popularity, perhaps because it has become so commonplace. Several stone suppliers are telling us that they have reduced the types of products that they offer and are focusing on granite that are less commonplace and can help customers make a distinctive design statement.

Full Height Backsplashes

Full height backsplashes are also growing in popularity. Many of our customers are comfortable with tile backsplashes especially for traditional décor. However, our contemporary customers like the look of counter to backsplash because of the clean lines that are created and a contemporary flow to the kitchen.

Maximize and Multitask Stations

Another trend, especially for smaller spaces, is to maximize the efficiency of the space and multitask different components. For example, for one of our clients we incorporated file drawers into the island so that the space could serve as a food preparation area, table and desk. Customers that want to improve utility without compromising look should consider installing telephone lines and electrical and HDMI plugs into drawers or under overhang counters on the island.

Stainless VS Metallic Appliances

In the appliance category, our customers are moving away from stainless. Similar to granite, stainless became commonplace. Several manufacturers now offer black stainless and metallic looks that include copper, bronze, gold hues, glossy black, black slate or with splashes of color from bright reds and yellows to more muted tones.



What’s Next?

Selecting the proper interior home remodeling contractor for any homeowner is key. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you may regarding interior home remodeling for your kitchen, bathroom, basements, and additions. Klam Construction is here to help you take your idea to design to your dream home.

If you have questions about the countertops that will be perfect for your kitchen please call us at  (414) 427-0800 or email us today at info@klamconstruction.com.

We always offer our customers a FREE in-home consultation or a FREE estimate! 


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