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Your shower can greatly impact the overall appeal of your bathroom. One of the latest trends in bathroom design is the curbless walk-in shower.

The curbless shower design can be incorporated into most bathrooms, large or small, and in many different styles.

What is a curbless shower and why is it so popular?

The curbless shower is a shower design which has no threshold. It’s as simple as sloping the floor of the shower towards the drain to direct the flow of water.

Curbless showers offer many advantages compared to standard shower stalls. They can be elegant, airy, and customizable to any area.

Here are the many advantages of the curbless shower that make it so popular

Seamless Style – Stylish, sleek and open are a few of the ways we would describe the curbless shower. With traditional showers, a center drain means having smaller tiles to accommodate the slope. With the curbless shower, larger tiles used on the bathroom floor can flow into the shower area, creating a seamless appearance.

Linear Shower Drain – Modern shower draining systems offer different solutions. With the curbless shower, the water is directed to a channel which flows to the drain. The drain can be placed either at the entry to the shower or hidden in the back wall. Hidden drains are accessed with a removable panel for clean out.


Accessibility & Functionality –It is important to have a bathroom that will work for all members of the family. A 4” shower curb can be a cinch for a teenager to step over, but difficult for the elderly. The curbless shower is also an essential benefit for family members with a disability. By installing a curbless shower, you are ensuring that you will be able to easily access your shower for years to come.


Easier to Clean – Cleaning the corners of a shower enclosure can be difficult. By eliminating the curb, the shower space is effectively opened up to the bathroom making it easier to reach in and clean. Adding a hand-held shower can make cleaning even easier, reducing the need to bend over.

Maximize Space – Going curbless or “barrier-free” can make a small bathroom appear larger. Adding glass doors will increase this feel even more. Your entire bathroom can be designed around your “curbless” shower.

Show Off Your Style – A shower enclosure with a curb and a door physically cuts off the view of decorative stone and tile. An open barrier-free shower provides the opportunity for you to show off your new shower!

Here are some of the design factors home remodelers consider when designing a curbless shower:

Size – Curbless showers can be any size and shape. Keep in mind your “splash zone” when determining the size of the shower.

Location – Select the shower location within the bathroom with the “splash zone” and drain location in mind.

Drain – Curbless showers have linear drains which typically run the width of the shower. The floor is pitched to them. You can either have the drain at the entry or at the rear wall of the shower. The drain can be buried in the rear wall with an access panel for clean out if installed in the rear.

Enclosed or Not Enclosed – If space provides for it, the curbless shower can be left open, without a door or curtain. The “splash zone” in this case would be very critical. Using glass panels and doors helps you to keep that open feel.

The curbless shower is a fantastic way to update and modernize a current bathroom. From accessibility to style, this “barrier-free” shower style can fit any size bathroom and any style home.

“Installing a curbless shower makes a bathroom space feel open, spacious and even spa-like.” – Debby Allmon, Design Specialist.

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