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Design and Build With Experts

A lot of companies use the term design/build when referring to home remodeling. The term can have different meanings with different companies.

Here at Klamco, we don’t just create a plan with how we think the project should be done. We sit down with you, the homeowner, and find out what you want. What is important to you? We work together to come up with the “DESIGN”. That’s the first step.

Now its time for our designers to help you select your materials and finishes. All the while making sure that the cost is within the budget that you had in mind. We have partnered with many different suppliers to find the best products at the best prices. We pass these prices along to you. Once we have your selections done, we communicate every step of the way on the “BUILD” part. That is our expertise. With a combination of our own carpenters and top rate subcontractors, we put together the area of your home that was only a drawing a few short months ago. Your complete satisfaction is our goal and what we strive for.

That is our definition of “DESIGN/BUILD”.

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